John Stewart Wynne (aka John Wynne) is an American author of fiction. He is also a
Grammy-nominated producer of spoken word recordings.He has written the novels
THE RED SHOES and CRIME WAVE, the short story collection THE OTHER WORLD,
and the chapbook THE SIGHTING. “His writing has been praised for its audacious originality,
its beautiful imagery, the astute asides and wry observations of his characters, and his highly
charged but often darkly comic mise-en-scènes. He has been hailed as the heir apparent to the tradition of ‘outsider art’ exemplified by Tennessee 
Williams, Carson McCullers and Truman Capote.”

(Wikipedia)Wikipedia Entry – John Stewart Wynne (aka John Wynne)

Wynne’s poetry has been featured in The American Poetry Review and numerous other
poetry journals. His controversial long narrative poem Two Struggling Actresses, about an
actor consumed by the personality of Jayne Mansfield, appeared in The Paris Review.

His short fiction was published in High Risk 2, Christopher Street and John Calder’s New
Writing and Writers series, among other publications.

He is currently at work on a new novel.

Wynne is also the producer of over one hundred audio books. They range from William
Styron reading his Darkness Visible: A Memoir of Madness to John Waters reading his Shock
Value, and from James Patterson’s Kiss the Girls to The Great Gatsby read by Christopher

Wynne produced John Kennedy, Jr. reading his father’s Pulitzer Prize-winning book Profiles
in Courage which was nominated for the Grammy Award as Best Spoken Word or Non-
Musical Recording.

Wynne served as liaison and Executive Producer with Lucasfilm for a series of Star Wars CDs,
worked with Scholastic developing dramatized, multi-cast audio productions based on Ann
M. Martin’s The Baby-sitter’s Club series, and developed a Batman series with DC Comics.

Wynne himself was nominated for a Grammy Award as producer in the Best Spoken Word
Album for Children category for The Magic School Bus: Fun with Sound, featuring Lily Tomlin.

He is the author of the first popular guide to spoken word recordings, The Listener’s Guide to
Audio Books (Simon & Schuster).