I’m pleased to announce THE RED SHOES was nominated for a Lambda Literary Award.

My new novel is nearly finished. In the meantime, there are new e-books to tell you about. The original City Lights edition of my short story collection THE OTHER WORLD is now available as an e-book with several of the stories revised for this format only. Two original short stories have recently been published in e-book only: THE NEEDLES HIGHWAY and A NIGHT IN THE PAMPAS (in the YEAR’S END anthology) find me trying my hand at ghostly, haunted tales. I hope you like the results.

I’ve started a blog. The first entry Boldly Going Through Circles chronicles me writing THE RED SHOES in caf├ęs. In the future I hope to include some unpublished fiction too.

I want to thank everyone who has visited my website, and I appreciate your comments. I reply to everyone so if you didn’t hear from me please re-send.